About us
maimon’s is a brand engaged in flavor and the joy and experience of baking, but it also the name of  a family which has been in the spices business for four generations, leading the Israeli spices industry for over a decade with the Maimon Spices brand.
The maimon’s baking concept emerged from the need of the amateur bakers’ community for a comprehensive baking solution, access to a range of high-quality ingredients, and the growing trend of home and family baking, because maimon’s is first of all family.
maimon’s products are grouped into nine categories:
 flour, mixes, chocolates, cake decorations and sugar dough, extracts and food colorings, syrups, fillings and spreads, almonds and walnuts, and baking enhancers. The company invests a great deal of thought in the development of its products to meet the needs and convenience of the consumer, while emphasizing the product quality and offering a comprehensive solution for both the professional and home baker.
The launch of the brand and the company’s activity have done wonders for the baking category and brought about a phenomenal awakening of baking in Israel, with the development and accessibility of quality and greater diversity of ingredients for the consumer. Now, we have 186 products, 600 points of sale, and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.
We wish to thank you, our consumers, lovers of baking, for your loyalty and support since that spring when you first encountered “those white packages”. 
The maimon’s brand, as the leader in the baking category in Israel, constantly seeks to empower the customer experience by developing and marketing innovating and refreshing products with creative  and tasty solutions.
The Maimon story
Maimon Spices, a brand of spices since 1922, has been the Israeli market leader in retail spices for decades.
In 2010, Maimon Spices launched a unique professional baking concept, which has become an international brand of the company - maimon’s: selecd ingredients and baking aids.
It all began in 1922, in a small and picturesque village on the shores of the Mediterranean in Tunisia, where the residents mostly traded in textiles, oil, agricultural products, and spices. 
The late Tenny Maimon, the father of Avraham Maimon, the CEO of the company today, was the head of the Jewish community in the village, and known as an expert in the preparation of spices. He had his own formulas for the preparation of blends and unique production processes.
In 1953, the Maimon family immigrated to Israel, settling in Beer Sheva. In the city, Tenny rented a small shop in the Shuk Hatzrifonim (the Shacks Market), where he continued to engage in his labor, preparing spice, blends, and the grinding of coffee beans. The shop immediately attracted thousands of customers from all across the country.
Following the great acclaim, he opened a larger store in the municipal market, which was also a great success. Tenny Maimon died in 1987, and was succeeded by his son, Avraham. Avraham had a vision of founding a plant which would include a production line, packing house, and marketing department to supply spices throughout the country.  He initially only sold in the south, but in the early 1990s, he began marketing the products to supermarkets nationwide. 
From a small shop in the Shuk Hatzrifonim, Maimon Spices became the No. 1 spices brand in Israel.

From spices to maimon’s baking products
What is the connection between spices and baking? Nothing and everything.
Avraham Maimon, on one of his visit to a supermarket, identified the baking category, which until then was decentralized, as having untapped potential, and he directed his son, Kfir, to it. Kfir researched, checked, and found that the baking products market comprised scores of brands, each of which offered a few products.
The Maimon family decided to build a one-stop-shop baking concept – a single point of sale at the supermarket, where customers could find all the ingredients needed to bake without having to go to specialty stores., which changed the face of the retail baking category, and everything.
The family hired a team of experts – the best and the brightest in culinary, marketing, branding, retail, packaging, and engineering fields - for this purpose.
The task of launching 186 products under a new brand – maimon’s, the world’s most innovative baking brand - on the same day took two years at an investment of NIS 6 million .
From the outset, the concept won broad retailer and consumer recognition. In February 2011, maimon’s won the innovative product prize of the year in the cooking and baking category – the first time this concept won in Israel . 
The launch of the brand and the company’s activity grew the baking category as a whole, completely changing the world of baking. Now, there are 186 products, 600 points of sale, and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.
We wish to thank you, our consumers, lovers of baking, for your loyalty and support since that spring when you first encountered “those white packages”. 
Maimons Baking Ltd. is the leading company in Israel’s baking industry, investing heavily in development, production, and quality control to provide its customers the highest quality product. Customer feedback helps us guarantee to continue to supply the best products of the highest quality. Help us help you…
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